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What is Spiritual Counseling?

A spiritual counselor offers counseling/therapy sessions similar to a traditional therapist. In the session, we work with you to set a strong intention for healing, expansion and clarity in order to facilitate the release of limiting beliefs and painful experiences.

Rather than focusing on the past and how you got to the present moment, we support you in being clear about where you'd like to go and how you will get there. In keeping our attention on the healing and changes that you desire for your life, relationships, body, finances, creativity, career and more, we are able to support you in identifying the root causes of the things you'd like to change in your life. By focusing on healing the root cause of all issues, and discovering what's needed emotionally and mentally for you to live the life you desire, we bring transformation, and relief - often with what can feel like miraculous results.

  • We believe you can live the life you desire even if you do not.
  • We believe you can live a truly miraculous life.
  • Together we are the two or more who are gathered in the name and nature of love.
  • Love is our true nature and love heals all wounds.
  • We are here to show you how to heal the past and live a life of Love Now.
  • It's our strong intention to assist you in having a healing so pervasive that you never experience such issues again.

When your strong intention to transform and transcend limiting beliefs joins with our strong intention for deep healing we are in the place where transformation, transmutation and miracles can happen!

Before I contacted Linda for direction I was very confused on how to deal with the trauma in my life experience. Linda guided me in a Loving, gentle way to walk through my pain & express myself without (dying). I had so much fear to be able to Feel my Feelings.

I was drawn to Linda for Spiritual Counseling because I trusted her. She always appeared gentle & Loving and Non Judgmental. I felt safe confiding in her.

The biggest benefit I feel is balance. I feel balance in My Life. I Know that I am OK, with who I am. I suggest prayers for guidance on who you can relate to. I was so full of Ego and was very hesitant to ask for Spiritual Counseling.

The best gift I have given Myself has been my time with Linda. Honest, Gentle, Spiritual & Not Afraid to talk her truth.


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