Lean On Me with Linda

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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~ French Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man (1955)

There are at least three different types of stress, all of which carry health risks:

  • Routine stress related to the pressures of work, family and other daily responsibilities.
  • Stress brought about by a sudden negative change, such as losing a job, divorce, or illness.
  • Traumatic stress like an accident, or natural disaster.

The body responds to each type of stress in similar ways. You may experience digestive symptoms, headaches, sleeplessness, depressed mood, anger and irritability. Or you may have noticed that you are more prone to infections, such as the flu or common cold.

To discover healthy ways to rise above the stresses life can present, you must first be able to connect to your strength, courage and joy.

LeanOnMeWithLinda is a practice using prayer, meditation, movement & self awareness of thought, word and action.

I experience so much healing in my own life using these tools. The pain and challenges push me to become more aware. Healing allows me to step, deeper and deeper into the full magnificence of what I AM.

If your desire is more joy in your life, let's create an individual process to allow you to move beyond coping, settling,

managing and manipulating. You will step into your own magnificent life. (sessions run approx 60-90 min)

I am so grateful that my teachers are people who were also willing to create something that no one had ever experienced before. You can do this in your life as well and I can't wait to witness you creating your own breathtaking life!

ALSO AVAILABLE, GodGirlGatherings,

for a FUN, mindfulness journey you can take with your family and friends! AND...

The spiritual approach to counseling recognizes that your thoughts create your life. In order to create the life you want to live we look at the mind/body/spirit connection.
It is a way to attune oneself to the messages that we are sending to ourselves through our thoughts and emotions and the meaning that we make of what we are experiencing. Many of these thoughts come from our past experiences and are untrue at this point in our lives. The potential of healing comes from the interconnection to our higher selves.
This holistic form of therapy takes into account all aspects of the human being.
It does not have to do with any specific organized religion but helps the client in understanding that there are numerous spiritual and philosophical ways that we look at the ups and downs of life. This can often fill that deep need a client has for a more meaningful and profound life.

What is spiritual counseling?

A spiritual counselor offers counseling/therapy sessions similar to a traditional therapist. In the session, we work with you to set a strong intention for healing, expansion and clarity in order to facilitate the release of limiting beliefs and painful experiences.

Rather than focusing on the past and how you got to the present moment, we support you in being clear about where you'd like to go and how you will get there. In keeping our attention on the healing and changes that you desire for your life, relationships, body, finances, creativity, career and more, we are able to support you in identifying the root causes of the things you'd like to change in your life. By focusing on healing the root cause of all issues, and discovering what's needed emotionally and mentally for you to live the life you desire, we bring transformation, and relief - often with what can feel like miraculous results.

- We believe you can live the life you desire even if you do not.

- We believe you can live a truly miraculous life.

- Together we are the two or more who are gathered in the name and nature of love.

- Love is our true nature and love heals all wounds.

- We are here to show you how to heal the past and live a life of Love Now.

- It's our strong intention to assist you in having a healing so pervasive that you never experience such issues again.

When your strong intention to transform and transcend limiting beliefs joins with our strong intention for deep healing we are in the place where transformation, transmutation and miracles can happen!

Our work is transdenominational and is beyond the realm of religion. All faiths are welcomed.

  Look around this website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Love All Ways,
Linda, Conscious Joy and Spiritual Counselor

Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!


I will assist you in asking for what you really want out of life & how to listen for guidance.


Journaling is a conversation with your self. Being grateful for what you have opens yourself up to having more. Forgiveness brings you peace of mind.

Movement/Breath Work

Movement & breath work can help you release the past & make room for all that life has to offer.