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Lean On Me with Linda
Spiritual Counseling & Coaching


My name is Linda Soto and I am so happy to welcome you to LeanOnMeWithLinda! You are joining hundreds of precious souls who are already living a more fulfilling life by:

  • Recognizing and releasing their old habits, patterns and false beliefs.
  • Taking responsibility for their life by making more loving choices and empowering themselves.
  • Feeling joyful, energized and more satisfied with their lives.

There’s just one more step to take to commit to living YOUR best life. Take a look around this site and schedule an appointment for a session. You are worth your own attention, time and money.


Spiritual Counseling

The spiritual approach to counseling recognizes that your thoughts create your life. In order to create the life you want to live we look at the mind/body/spirit connection. It is a way to attune oneself to the messages that we are sending to ourselves through our thoughts and emotions and the meaning that we make of what we are experiencing. Many of these thoughts come from our past experiences and are untrue at this point in our lives. The potential of healing comes from the interconnection to our higher selves.

This holistic form of therapy takes into account all aspects of the human being.

It does not have to do with any specific organized religion but helps the client in understanding that there are numerous spiritual and philosophical ways that we look at the ups and downs of life. This can often fill that deep need a client has for a more meaningful and profound life.

I was a new student to A Course In Miracles and, though Masterful Living classes were extremely helpful in navigating the text and application to my life, I needed some one on one guidance to fine tune this in the safety of a counseling session. With Linda I could always depend on a non-judgemental and gentle approach.

It was eye opening and very healing to have my dark thoughts and doubts met with a kind and loving manner.

The biggest benefit I received was a greater awareness, a brighter clarity of what was a Spirit led thought or if it was ego led in my daily life. Truly the practical application!

Linda's counseling is perfect for the tender hearted person who needs help with the healing of a wounded heart. My healing continues and the tools Linda gave me and even more importantly demonstrated in her counseling sessions have been used by me almost daily.


Prayer & Meditation

I will assist you in asking for what you really want out of life & how to listen for guidance.

Gratitude or Forgiveness Journal

Journaling is a conversation with your self. Being grateful for what you have opens yourself up to having more. Forgiveness brings you peace of mind.

Movement & Breath Work

Movement & breath work can help you release the past & make room for all that life has to offer.


Our work is transdenominational and is beyond the realm of religion.

All faiths are welcomed.

Look around this website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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